S16 Tasteful Typography Project

This is the first project of Comm 125, Spring 2016.

The objective is to create a visual to accompany a blog post. The visual must have an image of high quality and added tasteful typography with a clear title.

malala reading text

Message: Reading is a road to bigger things
Audience: Parents of early readers and school children

Design Process: The hardest thing for me is always selecting WHAT I want to do. For this reason, I decided to select a theme for the entire semester to help hone in on a precise message and audience. I began by looking for text to use for the visual. Normally this could have been an excerpt from the blog post the visual was created for, but in this case the visual is created first. Once I found the text I wanted to find a good image that really exemplified the words so they work hand in hand. I finally decided on an image on Malala Yousafzai. I choose this image because it really gives additional meaning to the words. Malala is fighting for education, she has the determination that the text refers to, once you open somebody’s world to reading they can do amazing things! When I entered Word, I inserted the image and a shape with the text. I liked how I placed the title type within the B by rotating the text box.

Critique Report:

Kristen Larson critiqued and said: our title is on top of the desk, it looks a little funny, try altering the contrast.


Image Source: http://www.marieforleo.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/MarieTVMalalaDay2014.jpg



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